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Oil Regeneration

All industrial oils and lubricants have a finite operational life – additive depletion, water ingress and solids contamination reduces their efficiency to a level where replacement is required.

Even when oils are spent, the base hydrocarbon is usually untouched and can be brought back to its original specification by removing tramp water and solids, followed by replenishment of additive packages.

The result is clean dry and sterilised oil with the same performance characteristics as when new but at a fraction of the cost of buying virgin products.

Midland Oil Refinery‘s comprehensive facilities offer a unique combination of technical expertise and practical experience gained through over 40 years of oil reconditioning and recovery

Why recover used mineral oils?

The recovery and reuse of spent mineral oil represents the best practical environmental option for the majority of mineral oil users. Disposal of used oils is becoming increasingly difficult.

The waste oil and landfill directives will continue to make waste oil disposal increasingly problematical and costly. Further legislation is bound to push users to recycle wherever practically possible.

Oil recovery represents an environmentally sound and cost effective means of husbanding oil resources and meeting these needs. It can be a significant benefit especially to companies seeking ISO 14000:2004 attestation.

Recovered oil is reused back in its original application and will have the same performance characteristics as the original used oil

The oil recovery operation

Midland Oil Refinery has over 50 years experience in the discrete batch recovery of used mineral oils. Used oil is collected in bulk, IBCs or 208 litre drums and reprocessed. The oil is dried, sterilised, filtered. This is followed by viscosity adjustment and additive replenished to ensure that the recovered oil meets the most demanding applications. Recovered oil is returned to the supplier in bulk, IBCs or 208 litre drums. All work is carried out at our ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited Halesowen site. Work is covered by IPC authorisation.

How to set oil recovery in motion

One of our team of expert salesmen can collect representative samples of used oil directly from your system or from your oil storage area.

These samples are analysed in on-site laboratories to ensure compliance with site authorisation and to determine their suitability for recovery and anticipated yields.

A quotation is submitted at this stage. Quality criteria are also agreed. A trial load is then processed and its performance carefully monitored to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Recovery of used oils can then be undertaken on a routine basis.

Oils which can be recovered

Hydraulic, lubricating, gear, metal working, heat treatment, turbine, spark erosion and compressor oils are all ideal candidates for oil recovery

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