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About Midland Oil Refinery

Midland Oil offers an extensive range of high performance lubricants covering a wide range of application areas. Our blending operations can manufacture almost any grade of industrial, metalworking or automotive lubricant.

Midland Oil manufactures and supplies its own Varol range of premium branded product. Midland Oil can also manufacture bespoke products to customers own formulations and in their own packaging and labelling if required.

All industrial oils and lubricants have a finite operational life - additive depletion, water ingress and solids contamination reduces their efficiency to a level where replacement is required.

We will recondition your oil and supply it back to you for use in its original application to the same performance level as the original virgin product.
Individual customers oil is processed as a discrete batch ensuring no cross contamination.
Oil regeneration will yield cost savings of the order of 30% compared to buying virgin oils. Midland Oil cannot recover black crankcase (Engine Oil).


Midland Oil would be pleased to purchase your segregated used hydraulic, lube, gear , turbine and transformer oil at a significant premium over those offered by waste companies.

Call now on 0121 585 6006 to get our up to date purchase prices.

Midland Oil uses purchased used oil in manufacturing a range of cost effective more environmentally friendly lubricants.

Segregation of different oil types is important as we cannot buy oil that has any engine oil mixed with it.

Transport in bulk or packed product in IBC’s, 208, 25 or 20 litre drums is available and is charged on an individual basis at market rates.

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